Saturday, August 28, 2010

Last Night's "Labor"

So last night I kinda did an experiment of sorts. When the ctx began to start rocking and rolling, around 4:30-5:00, I decided to just sit on my butt all evening and see what would happen. So I did. We heated up leftovers for dinner and J wrangled the kids for me.

I would say it was a success of sorts. The problem was, I felt as though I was just barely holding the ctx at bay. Even the slightest exertion would bring on a few. For instance, I tidied up the living room before J got home. Maybe 20 min of picking up toys and such? I didn't even vacuum or anything. Then had several very intense ctx. So I sat down, relaxed and they went away again. The whole evening went that way. Helped J get the kids into bed-- five or six ctx. Washed the dishes-- five or six ctx. Showered and pj-ed-- more ctx. Etc. In between times, I sat on the couch as still as possible and had no ctx at all.

I guess that's good and bad news. Good to know that if need be, I can prevent ctx by simply sitting around all evening long. Bad news, if I want to prevent the ctx altogether, I have to do nothing and sit around on the couch all evening. So my plan is just to pick an evening every couple of days, when I feel the need for a mental/emotional break and do just that. We can get a pizza, or J can fix dinner. The rest of the time, I'll just go about my normal activities and expect to spend the evening in labor :)

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