Monday, August 30, 2010

Three more weeks

We've entered that achy period where all the bones are sore and the ligaments stretched about as far as they'll go. I really surprised how active Jamie still is! With both fo the others by this point they'd pretty much run out of room and had settled down (OP, of course, but still, at least). But not Jamie! Oh no! And it's not like he has any more room than the others did. He just doesn't have any qualms about pumelling me from the inside.

So the last two nights have been mild, as far as ctx go. His head gets lower and lower (if that's possible), but we didn't have serious labor ctx either Sat or Sunday night. Just that grinding head on pelvis and stretching pubic symphasis, as per the usual.

Today we spent the morning shopping and by 1:00 I could feel things ramping up, so I sent Sofi to a quiet time when I put Judah down for naps, and I'm going to spend an hour on the couch and then a half hour in the pool when they get up. We'll see if that helps. The pool feels good (great, actually), but doesn't seem to affect contractions one way or the other.

I bought the first bits of my anti-thrush regime today at Whole Foods. I plan to start religiously chugging barley green (to affect body pH), pro-biotics and perhaps the Caprylic Acid as well. If you want to read about my previous experiences with yeast/thrush, check out the main blog. I'm going to try to limit my sugar intake a little more, too. When I'm tired and draggy-feeling, I tend to rely too much on sugar for a mood-enhancer. I gotta watch that.

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