Monday, September 6, 2010

More weirdness

I realized that while I updated my main blog more recently, I forgot to update here... Oh well, most of you read it already. I've had three (including last night) nights of really good sleep, thank the Lord, and it's definitely affected the contractions. They've calmed back down to mainly BH-like ctx and aren't as intense or regular. Whew! It was about time for a break.

BUT. In the midst of a good night of sleep on Friday night-- whoah! Weirdness again. I was woken up at around 3:30 in the morning by some violent movement from Jamie. I don't use that word lightly, folks. It felt like he was coming out both sides of my "waist" at the same time! Scared the crap out of me! He did maybe three or four major body movements and then started hiccuping! And sure enough, those little hiccups were coming from right underneath my left arm-- he'd turned breech somehow while I was sleeping.

For some reason, probably because he's on the large-ish side of the spectrum, he seems to get very upset and agitated when he's mal-positioned and has trouble getting himself turned back around where he wants to be.

After some agitated movement on my own part, I finally boosted myself into knee chest and waited. And then, gradually, slowly, I felt that hicupping, bumping head move down, down down my left side, thumpity, bumpity, till it was knocking into my left hip bone and then settled back down to it's normal trampoline action right on my cervix. Or rather, at that point, up into my cervix. Wow. Surreal. Again. Thank God for knee-chest position :)

Of course, by this time, I was pretty pumped and it took me about an hour of pacing the floor to get settled back to sleep, but the rest of the night was quite restful :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

I don't think this can go on much longer...

I hope I'm right when I say that too many more days like yesterday and nights like last night and this baby will just fall out while I'm walking around the living room. Oh. My. Word. Ctx started sometime the middle of the night Wed night and continued all. day. long yesterday. They were intense enough at times for me to have to squat or sway through them and my pubic bone feels like it's going to simply split in half from the pressure!

The midwife came last night for our Home Visit. That was fun :) Judah and Sofi got a kick out of hearing the heartbeat and watching the blood pressure gauge and all that. We discussed various scenarios and got J good and freaked out about possibly having to catch this baby himself :) See, this whole thing is eerily similar to my mom's third pregnancy (also a boy), which included SIX WEEKS of labor like I've been having, culminating in her water breaking suddenly, out of the blue, with no warning! and my brother rushing out five minutes later into my grandfathers hands! This possibility has J freaked out, as I mentioned.

Sooo, I'll be staying close to home and gathering the last few supplies we need this holiday weekend. Judah was born on Memorial Day weekend and Sofi was also born on a Saturday, so maybe Jamie will take a tip from his accommodating older siblings and make an appearance before J goes back to work on Tuesday!

But I'm not counting on it.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some changes

So the labor pattern for the last two days has changed a bit. The evening ctx are milder, Jamie is much more settled in the evenings and the heartburn is back with a vengeance. Last night I couldn't get settled to sleep till 2 am!

On the flip side, the ctx seem to continue all night and increase in intensity into the early morning. I am woken frequently by ctx (and a desperate need for the bathroom!) and by morning by back/legs/abs are achey and crampy. Feels a lot like a bad menstrual period. Yesterday that feeling, along with a few sporadic ctx faded by...say, 10:00-ish. Today it's almost 12 and the ctx are still rolling right along and I feel all loose and wobbly and my hips ache. I've been mostly sitting around, as we do school work, but when I do get up and move around a bit, the ctx increase significantly.

Here's where the rubber meets the road with my determination to just let things go and let my body "do it's thing". My midwife instincts are hollering at me to go out for a walk, do some stairs, take some meds (there's a whole LIST running through my head), get this thing GOING already. But deep down I really know it's not the best and wouldn't work anyway. All I'd do is wear myself out and end up exhausted and weepy by dinner time. And the ctx would have stopped :P They always stop when I get totally worn out. I know this because I just described to you the last month of both of my previous term pregnancies.

As I psych myself up for this next loooong three weeks, I try to remind myself how labor went with my miscarriage. Since I was so NOT anxious to actually go into labor (despite it's inevitability), I wasn't doing all that stuff. We had two weeks of this off again-on again labor and then in the middle of one night, bam! we kicked into high gear and after about two hours of INTENSE "real" labor... well, you know.... it was done.

That's how I'd like things to go this time. Routine, routine, routine. Deal with the ctx, but don't pay too much attention. And then one night, bam! The "real" thing. And a few hours later... Jamie :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Three more weeks

We've entered that achy period where all the bones are sore and the ligaments stretched about as far as they'll go. I really surprised how active Jamie still is! With both fo the others by this point they'd pretty much run out of room and had settled down (OP, of course, but still, at least). But not Jamie! Oh no! And it's not like he has any more room than the others did. He just doesn't have any qualms about pumelling me from the inside.

So the last two nights have been mild, as far as ctx go. His head gets lower and lower (if that's possible), but we didn't have serious labor ctx either Sat or Sunday night. Just that grinding head on pelvis and stretching pubic symphasis, as per the usual.

Today we spent the morning shopping and by 1:00 I could feel things ramping up, so I sent Sofi to a quiet time when I put Judah down for naps, and I'm going to spend an hour on the couch and then a half hour in the pool when they get up. We'll see if that helps. The pool feels good (great, actually), but doesn't seem to affect contractions one way or the other.

I bought the first bits of my anti-thrush regime today at Whole Foods. I plan to start religiously chugging barley green (to affect body pH), pro-biotics and perhaps the Caprylic Acid as well. If you want to read about my previous experiences with yeast/thrush, check out the main blog. I'm going to try to limit my sugar intake a little more, too. When I'm tired and draggy-feeling, I tend to rely too much on sugar for a mood-enhancer. I gotta watch that.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Last Night's "Labor"

So last night I kinda did an experiment of sorts. When the ctx began to start rocking and rolling, around 4:30-5:00, I decided to just sit on my butt all evening and see what would happen. So I did. We heated up leftovers for dinner and J wrangled the kids for me.

I would say it was a success of sorts. The problem was, I felt as though I was just barely holding the ctx at bay. Even the slightest exertion would bring on a few. For instance, I tidied up the living room before J got home. Maybe 20 min of picking up toys and such? I didn't even vacuum or anything. Then had several very intense ctx. So I sat down, relaxed and they went away again. The whole evening went that way. Helped J get the kids into bed-- five or six ctx. Washed the dishes-- five or six ctx. Showered and pj-ed-- more ctx. Etc. In between times, I sat on the couch as still as possible and had no ctx at all.

I guess that's good and bad news. Good to know that if need be, I can prevent ctx by simply sitting around all evening long. Bad news, if I want to prevent the ctx altogether, I have to do nothing and sit around on the couch all evening. So my plan is just to pick an evening every couple of days, when I feel the need for a mental/emotional break and do just that. We can get a pizza, or J can fix dinner. The rest of the time, I'll just go about my normal activities and expect to spend the evening in labor :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weirdest sensation EVER

During one especially intense ctx tonight, I had to leave the dining room table and get on the bed and kinda hum my way through it. My body pretty much put itself in knee-chest of its own volition, without conscious thought. Things got more intense still-- particularly in my back and tailbone until I had to call for J to come and put some counter-pressure there. As he started to press in, I felt (ohsoweird!) Jamie's head begin to rotate against my cervix. He was turning from his traditional posterior position to something a little anterior, anyway. And whoa-mama! It felt so STRANGE. I could feel his whole body just spinning, slowly, rotating-- no abrupt hand or foot movements, just this slow, steady spin. I became so vividly aware of him as a separate identity-- a real person-- inside my body.

It kinda freaked me out :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why I started this Birth Blog

It's for the sake of dealing better with all this prodromal labor that I've decided to go ahead and let myself talk about "being in labor" this time around. Despite it all starting four weeks before my official due date. I've decided not to play mind games, not to try and ignore contractions, or do crazy, herculean feats to try to get them to increase, or take all kinds of weird concoctions to get them to quit. But rather to just accept that this is the normal, GOOD working of my body to bring a baby into the world. It takes me two to four weeks to get a baby out. It just does.

I'm not going to say these are Braxton-Hicks, either. They're not. It's different. This is the same kind of ctx I have in labor, just less intense and less regular and predictable. B-H ctx feel like squeezing... like squeezing a rubber ball really hard and then gradually letting go. But these ctx have an edge, a sharpness, that B-H don't. Like squeezing a ball of tinfoil. Prickly, with edges. Later on, as labor progresses over the next few weeks, the edges will get sharper and harder-- although it's always one step forward, two steps back. Then, at some point, I'll notice that it's less tin foil and more like actual tin. And then we'll progress to the feeling of being in a car-crusher and then I'll call the midwife :)

When I can think rationally and calmly about simply being in the looooong first stages of actually bringing my child into the world, I'm able to be at peace about it. When I can agree with what my body's doing, instead of fighting it and trying to manipulate and change it, then I can accept what's going on. It lets me distract myself with other tasks, instead of getting all tense-- "will they stop? will they get harder? is this It? what should I do???"

The answer is, do nothing. Rest. Wait on the Lord. The good work He has begun in me, He will accomplish it in His own time.

As far as blogging goes, I intend to keep a kind of daily journal of how this weeks-long labor progresses. It might be helpful to Sofi one day, as an example of how the women in our family seem to do this :) Who knows? It may be good info for others in the meantime. Regardless, it will at least help me to articulate what's happening and keep track of the progress, as slow as it may seem in the moment.