Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weirdest sensation EVER

During one especially intense ctx tonight, I had to leave the dining room table and get on the bed and kinda hum my way through it. My body pretty much put itself in knee-chest of its own volition, without conscious thought. Things got more intense still-- particularly in my back and tailbone until I had to call for J to come and put some counter-pressure there. As he started to press in, I felt (ohsoweird!) Jamie's head begin to rotate against my cervix. He was turning from his traditional posterior position to something a little anterior, anyway. And whoa-mama! It felt so STRANGE. I could feel his whole body just spinning, slowly, rotating-- no abrupt hand or foot movements, just this slow, steady spin. I became so vividly aware of him as a separate identity-- a real person-- inside my body.

It kinda freaked me out :)


Susannah Forshey said...

Ha! Grace did that with me one night (or early morning...) when I was in knee-chest. You're right. WEIRDEST EVER. Or....maybe running a close second to her squirming and kicking underwater in the birth canal after her head was out and her shoulder was stuck. That. Was. Weird.

Jenny said...

Wow! incredible. Maybe you're closer to delivery than you're thinking????

Brooke Chao said...

Sounds like a neat, but weird feeling!
Jade wouldn't ever stay down in my pelvis and engage. Little ornery thing kept floating back up into the uterus, until they eventually had to break my water to drain the pool she was enjoying so much. LOL

Herb of Grace said...

Jenny, I doubt it. With a third baby you're just more aware of the sensations and, of course, it all starts earlier and is more intense.

Brooke, I had that bulging bag of waters with both of mine, but I guess you know about not breaking it as long as possible in order to reduce risk of prolapsed cord? It broke both times once I started to push.