Friday, September 3, 2010

I don't think this can go on much longer...

I hope I'm right when I say that too many more days like yesterday and nights like last night and this baby will just fall out while I'm walking around the living room. Oh. My. Word. Ctx started sometime the middle of the night Wed night and continued all. day. long yesterday. They were intense enough at times for me to have to squat or sway through them and my pubic bone feels like it's going to simply split in half from the pressure!

The midwife came last night for our Home Visit. That was fun :) Judah and Sofi got a kick out of hearing the heartbeat and watching the blood pressure gauge and all that. We discussed various scenarios and got J good and freaked out about possibly having to catch this baby himself :) See, this whole thing is eerily similar to my mom's third pregnancy (also a boy), which included SIX WEEKS of labor like I've been having, culminating in her water breaking suddenly, out of the blue, with no warning! and my brother rushing out five minutes later into my grandfathers hands! This possibility has J freaked out, as I mentioned.

Sooo, I'll be staying close to home and gathering the last few supplies we need this holiday weekend. Judah was born on Memorial Day weekend and Sofi was also born on a Saturday, so maybe Jamie will take a tip from his accommodating older siblings and make an appearance before J goes back to work on Tuesday!

But I'm not counting on it.


canningmama said...

did your midwife check your cervix to see if you were dilated or effaced at all??

Herb of Grace said...

Nah... I'm trying to avoid that throughout this whole labor. We're going to just bypass the cervical checks altogether-- unless it becomes "necessary" for some unknown reason.